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Concrete information about how EPC ratings are calculated is hard to come by online. This is partly because EPC ratings have to be conducted by a qualified assessor and partly because the calculation is created by entering data into a bespoke piece of software.

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Though the exact formula is a closely guarded secret, some basic information is available to help you get to grips with how properties are assessed and what aspects are included in the assessment. When an accredited assessor looks at your property, they take into account a variety of factors ranging from the age of the building all the way to the types of heating controls installed.

The information used includes:. Suggested improvements can be as simple as replacing all of the lightbulbs in the property with energy-efficient models or they could be more substantial changes, such as cavity wall insulation. When everything has been taken into account, each aspect of your property will be given a rating out of 5 stars to indicate its performance.

So, for example, if you still have incandescent bulbs throughout most of the building, you may only get a 1 or 2 star rating for your lighting, whereas you might have gotten 4 or 5 stars had they been replaced with current LED equivalents.

Unfortunately, in order for EPC ratings to be comparable on a like-for-like basis, the system has to paint in the broadest of broad strokes and this means making many generalisations when it comes to running costs and energy usage. None of this necessarily means that your heating system is poor quality ; in fact, the most sophisticated electric heating solutions on the market could still be judged as a 1 star system purely because of our predominant use of fossil fuels to create electricity. This neatly brings us to our next topic: the problems with EPC ratings for landlords.

EPC ratings have been met with criticism since their inception. New data from the Building Research Establishment indicates that around , properties may be incorrectly classified as F or G because the energy efficiency of solid and uninsulated cavity walls has been underestimated.

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EPC ratings are becoming a real headache for landlords when it comes to electric heating because of the recommendations being made. This could be a modern wood or wood-pellet burner, an energy efficient heat pump, or a four-star qualified flued gas heater. Electric heaters may be enough for smaller rooms and rooms you only heat occasionally, like bedrooms. Avoid unflued gas heaters with pipes fixed to the walls or portable which release toxic fumes and moisture, and open fires which are draughty and inefficient.

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Match the size of your heater to the space you want to heat. The flat benefits from double glazing, electric storage heating and a modern kitchen and bathroom. There are excellent transport links via buses and subway to Glasgow City Centre. Please note there are 3 steps to the front controlled entry door. We are delighted to advertise this one bedroom lower cottage flat in our new build development.

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  6. This development will consist of 85 properties. Please ensure you check all available properties before you place your note of interest. The development is situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow with excellent access directly onto the M8. Please note that the photographs are an example of our property types and may not reflect the exact property advertised. Property is bright with good sized double bedroom, large kitchen and living room.

    Great transport links to City Centre and further afield, including regular bus and train services. Close to local shops and amenities as well as leisure activities and parks. Please note dogs are not permitted. One bedroom flat on 12th floor.

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    Lift access. Controlled entry.

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    Concierge on site 8am-8pm. Great starter flat. Laundry facilities available on ground floor. Common areas maintained by our environmental teams. No dogs allowed. Ideally located for local shops and amenities. The property comprises of livingroom. The area has a 24 hour CCTV surveillance and is close to all amenities ie shops gym etc.

    The property has external stairs up to the property.

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    Two-bedroom flat on third floor of tenement block. Ideal starter flat for single person, couple or small family. Close to local shops and public transport routes on Great Western Road.