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Do you want to find your way back to love? Is it hard for you to let go of the past and live in the present? Do you wish you could perform better at school or at work? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I can be a resource to you. Together, we can work and find the answers to improve your life journey. It is my view that all individuals have good qualities, the capability to do well, and have the desire to make changes in their lives. In addition, I believe that negative thinking has a strong effect on people's behaviors and that if they can shift their thinking in a positive manner, they will be motivated and drawn to more pleasant outcomes.

I have conducted individual, family, and group therapy in areas such as major life changes, depression, anxiety, and teen issues.

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The next stage is finding the right fit for yourself and one who can best address your issues. As a pervious staff member at Peachford and Emory Hospitals, my training focuses on trauma, difficult life transitions, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, grief and loss, and depression. My goal is to serve those in need, who desire healing.

I specialize in adolescents and teens along with their families and young adults and uncover core reasons why clients are in a pattern of self-harming behavior, suicidal ideation, high anxiety, and individuals who are facing divorce, alienation, separation. I know what you are going through and can help.

I can help teach you effective ways in which to control your emotions and feel comfortable in your own skin. Along the way, I hope to develop a working relationship with you and guide you in developing positive habits that can help you find a life worth living. My work is my passion. My 30 plus years as a therapist has given me expertise in many areas. I enjoy working with couples struggling in their relationships. In addition, I find working with individuals trying to negotiate through life challenges, very rewarding. Whether it is depression,an eating disorder,anxiety or a life crisis, all are solvable with a seasoned,experienced therapist.

Are you feeling stressed? Are you having relationship problems? Do you feel like your life is out of control?

TF-CBT Certified Therapists - Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Are you ready for a change? If so, then Thank you for considering me to be a part of your journey as you take the first step towards healing. In identifying and addressing these concerns, I utilize evidenced-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT with Mindfulness approaches with children, adolescents, college students and adults. I work with clients in individual, family and couples therapy. My areas of specialization are dual diagnosis: addictions including substance and process addictions, anger management, anxiety, depression, EAP, and PTSD.

I am a board approved LPC clinical supervisor providing distance telesupervision. The fastest way to reach me AND schedule instant appointments is at my website. I specialize in counseling adults with dissociative disorders borderline personality disorders and gambling addiction. As an experienced Atlanta Counselor, As you pursue licensing, I will guide you with confidence and assist with making the difficult decisions every new therapist faces.

Do you ever ask your self "Why can't I just stop doing that? Rhea N.

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Are you having a hard time managing responsibilities and relationships? We all feel stuck from time to time, but it's important to know you don't have to work it all out by yourself. My goal is to help you get "unstuck" by addressing personal, social, and systemic factors that impact your daily life.

Ashley R. Are you wondering who you really are and what you actually want for your life? Are you experiencing a loss or conflict in your relationship s? Every person in this world is like a mirror directed outward - We often attract relationships and experiences, which meet us at the level of our current self-esteem. I have a passion for helping women in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's to be free of internal critical voices, which often fuel unnecessary anxiety, fear, distraction and self-doubt.

Using cognitive behavior therapy techniques, most of my clients have experienced improvement in symptoms and begun managing their lives more effectively. A new addition to my practice is working with new parents. I have training as a postpartum doula use that knowledge to help new parents with the adjustment.

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I also work with families who are experience difficulty with their teenaged children by strengthening their parenting skills. I do psychoeducational evaluations for K students on a limited basis. However, I believe that you are stronger than you seem, braver than you feel, and smarter than you think you are.

Standard of Care Psychological Services sets the standard higher because you deserve it. Let us help you reach your full potential. We set the standard higher for you by operating from a set of core values that we integrate into our work with clients and referral sources: accurate assessments, evidenced based treatment, integrity, ethics, competence, respect, and advocacy.


I also work with people who are suffering from sexual abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety or depression. My specialty is helping children and adults recover from childhood domestic violence.

Many of my clients have grown up in homes where they witnessed domestic violence. I help them understand that what they've experienced is not their fault and they are not alone. By discovering their true potential in the work we". Does your child's teacher have concerns about listening skills, impulsivity, or social awkwardness? Suite I. Chapel Hill St, Ste Washington St.

Pointe Blvd. Suite Main Street. AGH Dept. Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, W. Walnut St. Hope Behavioral Healthcare, 4 E. Cherokee Village Mall. Children's Institute Inc. Peachtree Psychological Associates, Peachtree Rd. Lutheran Services - Carolinas, E. Morehead Street. Clark St. Luke's Partial Hospitalization Program, E.

Park Blvd. Carson St.

Surviving Infidelity Success Story - Counseling & Therapy from Todd Creager

Saratoga Center for the Family, Ballston Avenue. Hamilton Rd.

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Fairmount Ave.