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If I want to lure you into my wallpaper web I going to have to cater to different tastes. Bugs, birds, critters, flowers and fungi need to be added to the menu.

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The Picnik image editor is beginning to grow on me. Picasa Web Albums is something I should have used long ago. I promise, the next slide show will be created using new photos.

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Hunting season is over so I have no excuse to stay out of the woods. Google Maps is making me anxious too.

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Mapping my discoveries is really going to help me remember where I found things. I can already imagine a mushroom map, a wildflower map, best gardens map and on and on and on. View Canoe and Hiking in St.

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  • Petals Picks Devine Bovines:.

Lawrence County, NY in a larger map. Why else would I use the name as the title? Yellow Fairy Cups can be found throughout North America and are generally seen growing on rotting logs. Lemon Disc seems more suited to these mushrooms. Lemon Drops is a good name too. The early growth is sphere shaped before they flatten out. I only wish they were much larger.


I saw Lemon Disco on a few mycology websites and that left me wondering. It could be the name of some Fairy hangout where they go to dance. But if I ever hear Disco in the woods some fairies are going to get stomped on.

Hey I know the jokes are real. Deer are nothing compared to what turkeys will do to a garden.

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Deer only over prune, turkeys leave behind a WW1 landscape. Click for desktop wallpaper version.

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  3. Cow Parsley 66/ - New Contemporary - Cole & Son!
  5. I think. Kind of hard to tell with Scottish Highland cattle. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Download PDF Download. Author links open overlay panel A.

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    Under an Elsevier user license. Abstract Body condition evaluation is a common tool to assess energy reserves of dairy cows and to estimate their fatness or thinness. Key words dairy cow. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.