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If there are any problems with the title, they may be resolved at that time.

How do I change the address of a boat that is currently registered in my name? Boat owners are required by law to notify TPWD of address changes. This can be done at no cost to the customer by submitting one of the following:. Where do I get my boat trailer transferred? Texas Parks and Wildlife does not have the legal authority to process trailer registration.

How old is my boat? - Your HIN number explained !

Boat trailer registration is issued through county tax assessor-collector offices. Please contact your local tax assessor-collector office for assistance. How do I become a licensed marine dealer? To become a licensed dealer you must be in the business of buying, selling, selling on consignment, displaying for sale, and exchanging vessels or outboard motors at an established or permanent place of business in the state of Texas.

What's a VIN?

Each location must have a sign conspicuously displayed showing the name of the dealership so that it may be clearly seen by the public and have sufficient space to maintain an office, service area, and display of products. How do I become a licensed marine distributor or manufacturer? To become a licensed distributor or manufacturer you must be engaged in the business of manufacturing new and unused vessels and outboard motors for the purpose of sale or trade or offer for sale, sells, or processes for distribution new boats or outboard motors to dealers in the state of Texas.

How do I renew my marine license? How do I transfer my license? How do I correct or update my marine license? How do I obtain an additional or replace a lost or destroyed validation card and decal? If your Marine License is current and you wish to purchase an additional or replace a lost or destroyed validation card and decal, submit:. Local Navigation Links:. Forms Where can I pick up the required forms? Registration Do I need to register my boat? How do I renew my registration? Title Do I need to have a Texas title in my name for my boat and outboard motor?

Hull Identification Numbers for Recreational Boats

Out-of-State Can I use my boat in Texas if it is registered in another state? Address Changes How do I change the address of a boat that is currently registered in my name? Boat Trailer Where do I get my boat trailer transferred? Forms may also be obtained through the fax-on-demand system by calling and selecting menu option 7, or This includes vessels that are docked or moored: All motorized boats, regardless of length motorized boats include boats propelled by a trolling motor ; and All sailboats 14 feet in length or longer or any sailboat with an auxiliary engine s ; and USCG Documented vessels.

Registration may be renewed as early as 90 days prior to the expiration date. These are known as title loans. Another type of lien is a mechanic's lien, which auto mechanics can place on a vehicle when the owner does not pay for repairs. Never buy a vehicle without a VIN because there is a possibility that the vehicle is stolen.

What is a HIN number?

Boats manufactured before were not required to have a HIN assigned by the manufacturer, and homemade vessels do not have a HIN. No, there are some exemptions. The main exception is for nonmotorized powered vessels less than 16 feet in length. If a vessel is exempt from titling and registration, then you won't be able search for that vessel's record, even if it has a HIN. Businesses that routinely check vehicle records can receive discounted pricing on Florida motor vehicle status reports at FloridaDrivingRecord.

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It substantiated and gave a credibility to the sale Thanks for all your help, as I do think it helped play a role in the selling of our boat over a long distance- Willis, Texas to Canada. I want to thank you for the excellent service that I received from you and your company. Even though the manufacturer could not provide the needed information to do a complete survey, you were very helpful!

I will be back…thank you! Your rapid and professional responses have provided me the information I needed to make an informed decision when looking at a boat that I assumed was a Katrina victim, even though the owner told me it was clean. Damage to the vessel, especially fiberglass vessels, can be repaired very easily with almost no trace that it was ever present.

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Don't get caught off guard by boats with a history of damage and accidents- this could lead to a lot of subtle problems and thousands in repair costs. Hurricane damaged boats are often sold with a clean title. Most states do not recognize salvage and damaged titles for boats. Therefore, storm damaged boats are auctioned off to be restored and re-sold to unknowing individuals, with clean titles. These boats may have spent significant time submerged under salt water resulting in detrimental damage that could result in loss later on.

Our extensive database searches hundreds of thousands of accident records. Boats that have been severely damaged have a low resale value and may not be safe for you and your family. Running aground can be one of the most costly problems a boat can endure. Not only can running aground cause hidden structural damage to the boat, if environmental damage was caused, the new owner could be responsible for the previous owners negligence, as these fines stay with the boat and not the reckless boater.

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  • Unlike cars, boats have no uniform salvage titling law. These boats are usually repaired and resold with clean titles, without disclosing previous total loss events. Many boats manufactured often contain dangerous, potentially fatal flaws. Is your boat safe?

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    • Open unfixed safety recalls can result in serious injury and sometimes death. Due to safety concerns, manufacturers report recalls every month; however, numerous flawed boats remain in the marketplace. Boats that have been submerged sustain damage that can take months to surface. Not only are boats swamped or capsized while in use, but many sink dockside as a result of heavy rains, storm surge, faulty drains or poor sealing thru-hull fittings.