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The "1" stands for a Volkswagen commercial vehicle. The fourth through ninth digits of the VIN make up the Vehicle Descriptor Section VDS , which focuses on the vehicle's model, body style, engine type, transmission and more. Each manufacturer uses this six-digit field in its way. For example, at Toyota, the fourth digit refers to the vehicle's body style, with "A" representing a two-door, two-wheel-drive sedan, "C" representing a two-door, two-wheel-drive coupe, "H" representing a four-door, four-wheel-drive wagon and so on.

At Toyota, the fifth digit of the VIN identifies the engine and the sixth digit represents the series. The seventh digit details the restraint system, including seat belts and airbags. The eighth digit identifies the model.

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The ninth digit of any VIN is the security check digit. Developed by the U. Department of Transportation, this digit is based on a mathematical formula and acts almost like a security feature, helping to identify invalid VINs. They provide even greater detail on the specific vehicle. The 10th digit indicates the vehicle's model year. Beginning with as "A" and as "B," each year is assigned a letter or a number in sequential order. The 11th digit refers to the assembly plant at which the vehicle was built.

Each vehicle manufacturer has its own unique set of plant codes. The final six-digit string of the vehicle identification number digits 12 through 17, is the vehicle production number, or serial number. Every manufacturer uses its specific sequence to assign a production number to each vehicle as they come off the assembly line. Free online tools make it easy to look up your vehicle's VIN in seconds, doing all the decoding for you.

For example, VINDecoder. Now that you know what each letter and number in a VIN stands for, you can discover more about your vehicle's history. It's helpful to services to make sure the car you are interested in buying doesn't have a shady history looming over it. Buying Guides Share. The History of the VIN The first use of vehicle identification numbers dates back to , as automakers needed a way to identify the vehicles they produced.

Uses for a VIN Many data registries use vehicle identification numbers to record specific information about the vehicle, including services and repairs, accidents, and previous owners. I recently got a code of U Can anyone please tell me any info concerning that code.

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Problem, solution any and all info would be great. Also my service stabilitrak light comes on.

Thank you. Left a detailed message below I know everyone is busy but I am between a rock and a hard place and need which way to go stay where I am and buy the part or move the truck to Nissan but do not know what this mechanic is going to charge me at this point — have to add the Nissan part and service on top……………… Could someone please just take a peek at what I have written and give me their advice PLEASE,. I bought my Grandson for graduation a used Nissan Frontier — beautiful — knew the person got if from, it had been a one car owner had he car fax ran and he maintenance all the time, every three months saw nothing wrong.

I bought it from a partner of our company that bought it from him in N. It would not pass inspections so he used his mechanic and it passed, I also told him when I hit about 40 if kinda hesitated or something and sounded like mufflers may be loose. He had checked said nothing wrong.

VIN decoding

I also knew another mechanic and had him look at but did not drive and wanted to purchase it. It was not driven a lot due to the fact his job took him out of town a lot and I took him to work a lot in my Jeep.

Decoding and Understanding Vehicle Identification Numbers / VIN's

When you would mash the gas it still did not want to go — then it stopped. I called my cousin which used to be a big truck mechanic and he came and looked at it and said fuses flown. We got it cranked and went to buy more fuses because little did I know it had many. We probably drove it 5 miles all together but did not cut off. When we had to stop at red lights it would not hardly go then ran ok same thing at every stop. When we got it into the yard and cut it off, it would not crank back up and we changed the fuses a couple of time but kept blowing.

I called a reputable mechanic and he travel to you, so he came down and said transmission, which my cousin had already said. Well about a month later he text me does not like to talk and said I needed an ECU like I knew what that was but my cousin at Nissan told me and quoted me his price of , rang it up to bring to me because the other guy want over a so I sent him a copy of the receipt and he said wrong thing that he had been working on it all day and that he had done another full day of testing and the EMC was going off line due to the TCM killing the CAN network and that the preliminary testing pointed towards the ECM being dead and CAN network diagnostic is very time consuming and sometimes elusive.

Then he gave me a part number so that it should be the correct part this time????? Really if I had of let the other pat that was not the correct part come out of the warehouse I owned it, no taking back the dealership. So his Uncle runs a large truck lines and was sending him to school to be a large truck mechanic and he decided to be a regular mechanic and I trusted the guys, by daughter works for the owner of the truck lines and they all used this guy.

Help I know you men deal with things like this every day and I am woman and I had to be screwed over, could someone give me advise let him fix it buy the part and pray that is it or take to Nissan and he said if there was a recall or Nissan would reimburse me he would help fill out the paperwork. Please would someone talk to me about it or just write your advise other than I am stupid, I already know that but how much is Nissan going to charge at this point.

Plus another wrecker charge. My car is ford it was suddenly not working anymore, how can I and where can I fix if I fixed my car the cost will be for replacement.

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I need some advice. Your Name.

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