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He didn't threaten me, but I didn't exactly give him the opportunity to.


Don't even answer the phone when these guys call. They're looking to capture soundbites of YOU to use against you. They can use that against you to authorize something in your name, if they've got other basic info on you already. Extremely dangerous!!

They never stop calling even when you block them they start calling on a different numbers- they never leave a voicemail will only speak to you via phone if you respond to them Do not engage - report them They must be shut down! I already reported my recorded call and sent it to the IRS for investigation - I record all incoming calls I do not know the - in NYS it is a 1 party consent state and it is legal to do so without giving warning. I got a strange robocall that left a really weird message: "Do you want to learn how to cheat on your husband and wife?

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Calls 7, Last Call 6 hours ago. Reputation Negative.

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Hello this message is for Ken Hinkle. My name is Luce maria-and-sarah? Please contact us at with the reference number Thank you. Hello this is Sarah calling from American Service Pats. We were reaching out because you visited our website and did not complete the assessment. This is something we can do over the phone with you. Please give us a call back and we would be happy to assist you.

Our number here is Again that's Thank you and have a great day. These people called and left a voicemail asking for my deceased father. After I explained and asked to be removed from the call list, a woman said that she would in fact keep calling.

They called the next business day 3 times.

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These people are asking for my deceased father who passed away on October 8, Anonymous Anonymously. Hi this message is for David Morel.

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  • Your student Mason was absent from school on September 26 Please contact the learning center to speak with the director regarding the absence. A YouMail subscriber.

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    Hello this is Rocky Mountain Power with another important update. Forecast indicate weather conditions are improving in the Cedar City area with peak wind gust subsiding this evening.

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    Rocky Mountain Power is concluding its active monitoring for wild? We appreciate your patience and understanding. Rocky Mountain power is concluding its active for monitoring for wild-risk? Hello Roslyn my name is Ryan was calling from Obama I'm calling from the potter? We are basically located in United Kingdom. We are from UK and we would like to purchase your limited vacation club we would like to make you an offer that is only that membership is active.