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When used outdoors, cedar blends with surrounding trees, making your home look like part of the landscape. Over time, cedar loses its color and fades to a silvery gray but it can be restained or painted for an updated look.

If properly installed and taken care of, cedar will remain sturdy for 30 years or more. Unlike other wood, it naturally repels insects and dries out quickly enough to avoid most water damage. Depending on whether you want a rustic or a refined look, installing cedar shingles or cedar shakes can make all the difference. Cedar shingles will make your home the talk of the neighborhood — in a good way! Shingles are the more delicate-looking of the two options due to their precisely sawn and fitted design.

Shingles are often thinner than shakes, especially at the butt end. This allows you to layer them more tightly.

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You see shingles more often than shakes as siding because they look almost like wall tiles. However, shingles also make excellent roofing material for Victorian homes and other elegant vintage housing. If you want to add character to you home, cedar shakes are definitely worth considering. Shakes offer a more rustic look, ideal for cozy cottages and country houses.

Vinyl Siding vs Wood vs Shingles vs Cedar: Which is Best?

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Installing Cedar Impressions Shingles & shakes

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Congratulations to Joan D. Have you considered vinyl siding installation and what benefits this siding type would offer your home? If you are considering the different siding materials available for your home, why not take a look at all the modern styles available today? Make your home stand out and protect it for the long haul. Enjoy the natural beauty of wood with a cedar siding installation for your home. Cedar wood siding is both beautiful and durable, providing a cozy and natural appearance for your home.

When it comes to style and design, cedar wood siding has a naturally beautiful appearance that is unmatched by other materials.

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Cedar shakes provide a custom crafted aesthetic with all of the benefits of durability and low maintenance that you want for your siding replacement. Southers Construction provides high-quality cedar siding installation for homeowners in Portsmouth and the greater Seacoast NH area.

We offer free estimates on all of our siding installation and home improvement services. Wood siding is the perfect choice for a lovely yet durable home exterior that will keep you and your family comfortable and safe through every season.

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When you invest in a professional cedar siding installation from Southers Construction, you will enjoy increased property value and a gorgeous aesthetic that will stay low-maintenance for years to come! We provide siding repair, siding replacement, and brand new siding installation throughout New Hampshire and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a cedar siding cost estimate and to find out more about our quality siding options. Replacing your siding if it is old, worn or damaged is the best way to making your home look like new and giving it the protection it deserves.

Vinyl is a great siding choice, and is still recognized as the most common, consider fiber cement also!

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Fiber cement is a material that proves great versatility and customization.